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INTEGRATIVE stress management solutions


We create customized stress management solutions featuring

yoga, mindful meditation,
stress management techniques

that help your employees

feel and perform better

so that your organization can

attract, retain,
and care for your people


We adapt to your specific needs to ensure program participation, adherence, and results.


We design programs featuring mindful, body-based, integrative  stress management services.


We deliver classes and workshops in a variety of disciplines including mindful meditation techniques, yoga and

Non-Sleep Based Relaxation techniques.

Customized TRAINING

We utilize yoga and mindful meditation techniques to deliver tools for increasing resilience, decreasing response to stressors, and facilitating recovery and post-traumatic growth.



movement & breathWORK

Utilize breath and movement for postural health, increased flexibility, strength, self-regulation, and functional awareness.

non-sleep BASED  mindfulness techniques

Learn techniques for increasing resilience and  balance while decreasing reactivity in the midst of stressful circumstances.

Group of young sporty people practicing



Recover from chronic stress with science-based techniques designed to integrate brain, mind, body & spirit.



It's simple. We specialize in yoga, mindful meditation, and mindfulness techniques because they deliver the highest Value on Investment.


Stress-related health problems are responsible for up to 85% of visits to the doctor and account for the third-largest driver of health care expenditures, behind only heart disease and cancer. Additionally, 77% of employees in the US report signs and symptoms of burnout due to their inability to balance their stress response. As few as 3% of doctors actually talk to patients about how to reduce stress.


Studies have shown that meditative practices such as yoga, mindful meditation, and yoga Nidra reduce the body's stress response by 50%, increasing the ability to balance excess tension in the body.


Yoga and mindfulness techniques are low-cost, accessible, and scientifically proven tools to effectively reduce stress, increase mental clarity, focus, and improve decision-making, thereby increasing overall health, well-being, and performance while reducing health care costs, employee burnout, and turnover.


Human potential is maximized through the development of both self-awareness and the ability to cope with stressful situations while operating in a collaborative organizational environment. The organization is enhanced because both leaders and teams are better able to communicate and interact together, regardless of stressful situations, and to pursue company goals in a grounded, effective, and VOI-minded manner.

Group of young sporty people practicing

yoga nidra

Harness the biological process of sleep to restore energy and health and reduce stress related issues to boost productivity and focus.

making an impact

WRKwell is committed to positively impact veterans, active-duty military, and first responders by providing access to stress management and wellness techniques at no cost to them.


WRKwell is committed to creating career opportunities for veterans, active-duty military and first-responders possessing the skills necessary to succeed in the wellness and stress management field.

WRKwell is a proud partner of VETOGA, a national nonprofit providing yoga, meditation, and healing arts to military, veterans, their families, and communities.

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our clients

Our clients


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Does it work?

Research has demonstrated the extraordinary benefits associated with the practice of yoga and mindful meditation for individuals and organizations.


Practicing yoga and mindfulness techniques has been shown to increase an individual's sense of well-being, improve individuals' ability to process stress and self-regulate, improve attention span, creativity, and cognitive skills, and relate to others in a collaborative and empathetic manner.


The benefits result in an increase in employee engagement, and a decrease in employee burn-out and turnover.

Where are classes and workshops held?

Conference rooms, multiuse office space, onsite gyms, and company-shared fitness centers are convenient spaces for holding your workplace yoga classes.


We recognize every office operates differently so we happily tailor every stress management program to meet your organization's demands.

How do you measure success?

As each company is unique in its mission and structure, we help you create and track customized KPIs to assess progress and results.


We work with each client individually to adapt effective tracking tools to each company's specific needs.

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