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Yoga Nidra is an ancient yoga practice developed as a series of mindful meditation techniques structured in such a way to bring our brainwaves from beta in the awake state, to alpha and theta as we begin to fall asleep, and deeper into low theta and delta beyond dream and deep sleep, into the subconscious and unconscious where both brain and body naturally reach their highest restorative state.  By combining mindfulness-based techniques with the modern understanding of our autonomic nervous system, we are able to utilize the practice of Yoga Nidra to develop a more resilient brain and better manage our life stressors as they manifest in both our personal and professional lives. 


ALL levels: Yoga Nidra is accessible to everyone regardless of age, physical shape or fitness level. All you need to do is finding a comfortable position either on your back, on your side or seated with back support and listen to the instructor's voice.

Props that may be helpful for a more relaxed practice are: yoga mat, blanket, wearing loose or comfortable clothes (sweats are great), socks, and anything you may need to keep yourself warm and cozy as your body temperature may drop during Yoga Nidra.

Complimentary Yoga Nidra practices:

15 Min Body Awareness

20 min Yoga Nidra practice

​​30  min Yoga Nidra practice

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00:00 / 14:43

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